Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Baby Girl

Call her what you will... Lentilina, Philina, Kiki.... I'm going to have a baby girl.

I can't necessarily bring myself to write intelligently on the subject just yet as there are so many strong emotions.

I am happy as can be that, so far, my baby is healthy and has the correct number of fingers (couldn't count the toes just yet). I'm furious at a few unintentionally stupid people who express almost regret that "it isn't a boy". I'm in awe of my wife who (against my wishes...) mowed the lawn over the weekend. At 20 weeks pregnant she is more active and proactive than most people I know.

Linda and I have decided that we will teach her, from a young age, to want to elope or otherwise wed in an inexpensive a manner as possible. She will learn a musical instrument. She will learn a martial art. She will learn to use tools whether she wants to or not. One of the happiest days of my life will be when I dance with her at her wedding. God help every other boy who gets within a 30 mile radius of her because -- and unborn as they are they don't realize this yet -- her father is crazy.

I coud be wrong, but I don't think having a baby will be too bad in the sleep department. After a grueling day at work today I came home to 5 yards of mulch sitting in my driveway. Linda and I spend the next 4 hours spreading it all around the house. Dirty and sweaty we collapsed inside, cooked some pad thai noodles, and watched "Wallace and Grommit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit". Something tells me had I simply come home and hung out with my baby all night I'd be able to move my right knee. I'd gladly give up some sleep for the ability to move my right knee.

So, brain-dumpy as it is, I can't wait for Lentilina to come and make our house a home. Even though she is yet to be born she is already a very important person in my life. Ten years from now I will have some small pride when the spacecraft I worked on takes pictures of Pluto. I will still enjoy my mythTV PVR which will still kick the ass of whatever else is out there 8). I will enjoy my furniture building and whatever hobby comes my way. But my children will always be my magnum opus.

That's it! We'll name her opus.


Blogger Phil said...

What, no Bill, or Steve, or even Hodgepode?!!?

Don't worry Ed, you might have another shot at a boy.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Playful Grace said...

I always admire the eloquence of your writing. You take simple things, and weave your words to shed them in a new life. But this, this is one of my favorites.

Your daughter, has a very special set of parents, and a very special dad. Being the mom of a daughter, I suppose that's one reason for the particular softspot I have in my heart.

Being a daughter, I can only my own dad was half the dad you want to be. :)

Oh, did want to comment on the sleep department. A parent is never really ready for that. You think you're prepared, that it'll be fine for you, and then... the wee one arrives, turning your world and routines upside down, your heart inside out. It's a fun ride, but, not one you can prepare for. Unless, of course, you set your alarm for varying hours of the morning, alloting time for feeding (and if doing the bottle thing, that's really fun to try and make when half asleep), diaper changing, then back to sleep...
however, you still miss out on the exquisite pleasure of the small hand curling her fingers round one of your own, that baby scent (and I'm not talkin bout the presents they leave in the diapers)...

It is indeed such a wonderful, crazy, awesome time... you will love it. And, I look forward to hearing all about it in your eloquent fashion.

That's if you can find time to blog admist all the feedings, diaper changings, and staring and cuddling that lil one. :)

9:46 PM  
Blogger Ed said...


That's some high praise and I promise I'll do my best to earn it. There is something about impending dadness that has given me my own series of daughter soft spots.

As for no sleep, I have been working on snoring at all hours of the night to get Linda trained for just such occurances! 8)



Don't be too disappointed we are having a girl. If it had been a boy, we wouldn't have been able to name it after you! 8) 8)


10:36 PM  
Anonymous Dre said...

My parents were 40 when I was an infant, and my father had two jobs, but I never remember them being too tired to play with me or take me to the beach, pool, out for ice cream, etc. etc. I think you'll have a ton of energy and a complete blast with your daughter. Looking forward to meeting Apple Birrane. :)

1:25 PM  

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